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Tony is the author of three books (available in paperback or Kindle eBook format): “The Great Bass Cookery Book”, “The Chronicles of Stiltshire” and “Granny Griggs’s Pig and other tales”. There is a fourth book “SWinging16 or Tales of Two Towers” in the pipeline.

He has a food and drink blog “QR’s Little Morsels”, is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers and there are samples of his work on vocal.com.


Although semi-retired after a long career in computing, Tony still does a small amount of web design and programming work through his company Elderberry Computer Services. He is particularly amenable to helping churches, environmental groups and other non-profit organisations. There are some “lockdown projects” here:

Orrery         Anglican Chant Generator         DNA Player         Random Music Generator

Poster/Flyer Design

He is also happy to design posters, flyers and programmes for concerts, recitals and other events.

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Tony is, amongst other things, an amateur singer (bass), an enthusiastic cook, a bell ringer and beer drinker and an admirer of Victorian stench pipes.

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