We specialise in web solutions for smaller businesses, churches and charities or non-commercial organisations.

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Elderberry is not currently accepting any new commissions [March 2011].

All Elderberry web sites are hand-coded to W3C standards, using style sheets (CSS) to separate the design from the content for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

When more interactive or frequently changing content is needed, our normal approach is to use Active Server Pages (ASP) backed up by a SQL Server or Access database.

Elderberry does not provide web hosting services but can arrange hosting with a suitable company if required.


In the early days of the internet it was assumed that the content of a web page was all that mattered and the presentation was left to the browser software.

However, as the technology improved and web sites became more sophisticated in the late 90s, the fact that different browsers rendered the same HTML in different ways became a major headache for web developers.

As a result, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was set up to promote international standards for web site development.

Recent versions of most popular browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 6/7 and Firefox) are fully W3C-compliant.


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